“I had the pleasure of working with Jill Marshall of Jill Marshall Media when she was contracted by the Rotorua District Council to put together the HIP4 booklet (April-Oct 2011) as a result of the success of the first three Hobbies Interest Passions (HIP) brochures she produced. Jill has approached the planning of each edition of the booklet with fresh enthusiasm to ensure each publication offers something new and exciting. She has an incredible eye for detail and is extremely skilled at assessing content and layout. Her ability to capture the essence of the brief produced a superb result. I found Jill to be professional and efficient to work with at all times.” Look at the HIP brochure »

Sue White
Community Services Officer, Community Policy & Resources
Rotorua District Council


“I am writing to say how much RDC enjoyed working with you in the scoping and creation of the new HIP (Hobbies, Interests and Passions) brochure. Your infectious enthusiasm and determination to produce an information-rich and easy-to-read compilation added value to the brochure. Your focus on producing a quality brochure with easy layout with eye-catching colours and inviting headings added to the appeal of the brochure and engaged people. Your ability to guide us in both what content to include to appeal to those who uplift the brochure and how to present the info has been key to the success of the end result. Although time was limited, a fantastic outcome was achieved in large part due to your drive and commitment to achieving a first-class outcome for the project.” Look at the HIP brochure »

Ann Esler
Manager, Community Policy & Resources
Rotorua District Council


“As Creative Director of ZeroSeven Ltd I provided graphic design services to Jill Marshall for approximately five years (2004-2009) in her role as Communications Manager at Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing. During that time I have been involved with development and progression of a wide range of advertising and marketing material at Jill’s direction. The precise and organised way in which Jill works has served to produce high quality creative material, and to do so in the most effective and focussed manner. Jill possesses a wealth of experience which enables decisive decision-making, as well as the meticulous attention to detail that ensures utmost confidence in the results.”

Nick Lambert
Creative Director, Zero Seven – Rotorua


“I worked with Jill Marshall for four years (2005-2009). She is a client on a variety of video projects in her capacity as Communications Manager for Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing. I have worked in film, television, advertising and media management of events for over 25 years. In that time I have worked with some outstanding people and would count Jill among them. She has a sense of integrity – personal and professional – that is admirable. She has a creative vision. She has great energy and works incredibly hard. She has that old-school “institutional” memory – she doesn’t need Google or Wikipedia! She’s also fun to work with and is always straight-up and honest in her relationships with suppliers. Her range of skills makes her an asset in a lot of fields.”

Graeme Simpson
Producer/Director, BluedogTV

“I have known Jill Marshall for more than 20 years in her various journalistic, editing, marketing and communication roles. Jill and I developed a strong business relationship and the things I valued were her honesty and integrity. She brought these qualities to her role at Tourism Rotorua Marketing, where I worked closely with Jill on a range of graphics projects for several years. Jill conducted herself assertively but was always willing to listen to good advice, which made her a very good team player and frankly a pleasure to work with. Jill project managed the main tourism publications; the projects are deadline driven and stressful at times, but Jill’s contribution always inspired all who have been involved to give of their best and strive for an outcome to be proud of. Jill is widely known and respected by our industry.”

Tony Hadlow
Creative Director, Fineline Creative – Rotorua


“In her role as Communications Manager for Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing (DRTM), Jill Marshall was primarily responsible for communicating the activities of DRTM to a wide range of stakeholders, including local tourism and business sectors, local government, and national and international tourism sectors. She did this by producing monthly e-newsletters and a bi-annual printed publication called In Essence, which focussed on new products and developments to existing products within the Rotorua tourism sector. Both her e-newsletters and the In Essence publication constantly received very positive comments due to the interesting and informative content. Jill is a very good writer and was able to gather a wide range of material, and write and present it in a most professional and informative style.”

Don Gunn
Former General Manager, Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing


“I enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Jill Marshall for four years (from 2005-2009) in her capacity as Communications Manager for Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing. During this time she commissioned around 60 photographic shoots. She came up with some excellent ideas (which she put into clear written briefs), had a good eye for detail once individual shoots are in progress, and was always willing to lend a hand to ensure things ran smoothly. Jill also seemed to have the knack of pulling together props and talent from her wide ranging networks – often at short notice. I can confidently commend her to anyone who requires an organised, creative person who is easy to work with.”

Graeme Murray
Director, Filtered Vision – Rotorua


“In my capacity as Account Manager for design agency Ballantyne Group, I enjoyed an excellent working relationship with my client, Jill Marshall of Tourism Rotorua. For 20 months (2003-2005) we worked together on the production of In Essence. Jill was professional, pleasant and extremely efficient and always made our projects flow seamlessly. Her organisational skills, ability to communicate clearly and brief the agency at a very high standard meant that production deadlines were always met and totally hassle-free. Within our agency we had over 20 clients at that time and without a doubt Jill would have to been one of the easiest to work with!”

Irini Simeonides
Account Manager, Ballantyne Group Ltd – Auckland


“I dealt with Jill Marshall in her Marketing Communications and Communications Manager’s role for Tourism Rotorua from 2003 to 2006 through our agency (Hyde Group) being successful in tendering for the design and print of all of Tourism Rotorua’s major publications. I had a chance to forge a close working relationship with Jill in my role as an Account Manager during that period. As a Project Manager on many of these tendered publications, I have found Jill not only a very competent person to liaise with but also one who was courteous, friendly and operated from a high level of integrity.”

Mark Cameron
Account Manager, Hyde Group – Auckland