Text and copywriting

Whether you need text or body copy written for a website (ensuring crucial key words and phrases are used in the copy), brochure, organisational newsletter, advertisements or marketing collateral, Jill Marshall Media Ltd has the experience and knowledge to work in a style to suit the end use. Jill’s editorial and copywriting skills have been honed over more than three decades in the print media, tourism and communication industries.
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Specialist proofing and sub-editing

Jill Marshall Media Ltd cover everything from small jobs like checking text, editorial, advertising copy or a media release prior to going public through to full proofing services of individual brochures and publications. Jill’s depth of experience in the field of proofing and sub-editing includes two decades writing and editing a weekly tourism newspaper, plus writing and editing a glossy tourism magazine for more than six years.
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Media releases to meet market needs

Jill Marshall Media Ltd’s specialist freelance writing services means we can write media releases on your behalf to suit press, radio or specialist trade publications – and also ensure releases are sent to the appropriate targeted media on your behalf. We even offer pre-planned media release template options to deal with emergency situations for those who believe in covering all the bases.
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Consultation, advice and complementary services

Jill Marshall Media Ltd offer consultations and advice across all areas of media. When getting the ‘right’ image is paramount, we recommend you commission a professional photographer – and are happy to offer advice about the right service for your needs.

We can also offer tips on how the get good exposure from that great image. Location scouting plus supplying talent and props for photo shoots is another service as well as advice on choosing the best professionals to achieve a great promotional DVD.

Specialist freelance travel and tourism writing

Freelance travel and tourism writing to suit magazines, newspapers, websites and specialist publications is a particular specialty of Jill Marshall Media Ltd. Jill has been involved in the tourism industry in the Bay of Plenty for more than 25 years including two decades as editor of the New Zealand’s oldest weekly tourism publication, Thermalair. As an enthusiastic motor-homer of more than 20 years (Maui Motorhomes have used her articles), Jill also has an intimate knowledge – and deep affection for – many parts of New Zealand.
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Media strategy and public relations assistance

Help and advice to assist you put together a media strategy is another service offered by Jill Marshall Media Ltd. Once you decide what you want to achieve, we will build a public relations strategy to assist your product, service, event or publication to get noticed by the media.

Specialist project management services

Jill Marshall Media Ltd is highly experienced in project management and can deal with all or parts of a project on your behalf. Include sourcing quotes from graphic artists, printers, photographers or film-makers, proofing publications, sourcing sponsorship through to the full project management of a brochure or publication (from gathering material and writing through to art direction and distribution recommendations).
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